Runnymede Borough Council ReportĀ 28 November 2009
To comply with legal requirement RBC have to approve their submission by a meeting of the Council which has to be publicly advertised. A notice has been placed in the local paper.
The Council will meet on 17 December 2009 at the Council Chamber, Runnymede Civic Centre, Addlestone. We assume that the exact wording of the objection they propose to send will be published on their website at least one week before the meeting, and we will try and provide a link here.
We need to ensure that there is no watering down of the September stated position (see below and the minutes including report which was agreed by the Economic Development Committee as the basis of the submission) which recognises that Egham needs a tunnel across the line.


17 September 2009
With one day to go, Runnymede Borough Council have finalised their response to Airtrack’s application, and will be sending in an objection.
We are immensely grateful that our local authority have recognised the magnitude of the problems that Egham will face and have made the important gesture of calling their submission an “Objection”, rather than simply offering “Support with qualifications”.
Tomorrow we will have the exact wording, but for now we have the reassurance that our Borough Council has recognised that the real problems our town will face are much more tangible than the possible theoretical benefits the scheme might bring to other parts of the borough.
Now we have to convince Surrey County Council, who have negotiated amn one-month extension for their submission.
Although we are confident that the County Councillors who represent Runnymede will support us in demanding that Surrey push for a tunnel to be included in the scheme, there are many councillors in Surrey who have not yet appreciated the severity of the impact on Egham.
We need to help our own councillors to convince their colleagues outside our immediate area, and also Surrey County Council’s executive and officers.