Your letters of objection should have been sent by now, your objections should have been acknowledged, and you should have replied to the Dept for Transport if you want to speak to the public inquiry. The next step, if you have elected to speak, is to prepare your written Statement of Case.

Objection Letter
If you don’t have the word Objection in your letter – it might be classed as a “Comment”. So even if you want to say that you approve of Airtrack in principle, remember to say you are objecting.

Speak Out
If you make an Objection, you will be offered the chance to speak at the public inquiry. You can withdraw later, or make written representations. So when you are asked if you want to participate, say YES. That way you stay in the loop, and they have to allow enough time in the schedule for Egham.
Your objection will be publicly available for anyone to see, but Egham Chamber of Commerce would like to know who is objecting and what arguments are being made; We would appreciate being copied in on your letters:

Keep us informedĀ 
And please feel free to copy your letter to any one else you fancy too: for example the Leader of Runnymede Borough Council, Cllr. John Furey.
Even more usefully, the new Cabinet Member for Transport at Surrey County Council, Mr Ian Lake. He probably needs to get up to speed on this, since in the end it will most likely be what SCC Highways tell the Inspector that will decide it. Addresses (and email addresses) can be found elsewhere on this site.
And finally tell everyone about this site. Please.