1) Complete one or both of our surveys: the residents survey and the business survey. Then ask all your friends and colleagues to do them too.

2) Contact Surrey County Council’s Cabinet and ask them not to recommend withdrawing the Objection

3) Contact as many Surrey councillors as you can and ask them not to vote for a scheme which will use Egham’s problems to raise money for Surrey Highway’s existing projects.

4) Download, print and deliver some leaflets to your neighbours, especially those who prefer paper to email. Ask them to send these to the council. Keep some in your car or bike basket and hand them out to other drivers when you are stuck at the gates.

5) Ask the leader of Runnymede Borough Council for an assurance that our local Council will continue to demand a tunnel.

6) Remind our MP that he promised to oppose Airtrack if a solution was not found to the level crossing down times. He probably can’t do much about our level crossings, but he CAN change the rules governing all level crossings.

7) Attend the next meeting of Surrey County Council’s Local Committee for Runnymede on 07 February at the Civic Centre in Addlestone. The meeting takes informal question at 4.30 – no notice required, but to ask a question for which you want a written reply you need to give at least 4 days notice.

8) Complain to the Department for Transport, TWA Section, about letters sent by Airtrack/BAA trying to mislead people into withdrawing their objections.

9) Join the Facebook Group “AIRTRACK will make Egham wait 120 minutes an hour”

10) Contact our Surrey SEO partner if you have any questions about website.

If you believe, as we do, that Surrey County Council planning to sell us down the river for £11 million, please get in touch with them to protest.
Please tell them how you will be affected if the Airtrack money that should be spent on bypassing Egham’s level crossings is spent on alleviating congestion on the A3, M25, A30 and Windsor Road.
Remind them at their own officers have warned them that bus companies will withdraw from Egham Hythe. Ask whether they intend to spend some of the 11 million on replacing the bus services. And how much on extra fire engines and ambulances, so that they can deploy on both sides of the railway line? Ask how much will go on projects they had on paper long before Airtrack, but which they couldn’t afford? What share of Airtrack’s inducement will benefit people who are bypassing Egham? And, if you are feeling geeky, you could ask why, if their Highways planners can tell us so exactly the benefit of spending £5million on the Runnymede

Roundabout, they found it so impossibly difficult to include the roundabout improvements in the tunnel model.