Medical Lab Management

How to Choose the Right Medical Lab Management System for Your Laboratory

As a medical or clinical lab owner, you know that a medical lab management system is a must-have technology for your organisation. Looking at the lab technology market, you will realise that it is huge and has so many options available. But, how do you know what works best for your needs? Well, you should not worry. We have done our research, and we have found the best LIMS on the market today. We have also included a buying guide to help you navigate the processes as well as find the ideal LIMS for your lab. So, if you are wondering how to choose a LIMS for your lab, read on to learn.

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Aspects to Consider when Choosing the Right Medical Lab Management System for Your Lab

Selecting the best LIMS for your laboratory impacts a lot of activities in the medical facility or organisation. In this section, we will look at some of the factors that you should carefully assess as you acquire a LIMS for your lab.

  • Your industry: You must assess your industry as you select the LIMS. There are many LIMS systems whereby some have been designed for specific medical laboratories. If you run a clinical lab, you will need a different one from a person who runs a food testing laboratory.
  • The type of your lab: What kind of laboratory are you running? Is it a QC or QA lab? Some labs are great for medical analytical projects, while others are great medical manufacturing laboratories. Once you have ascertained your lab type, it becomes easy getting the right system.
  • The amount of flexibility you need: While most systems have similar abilities and features, you will realise that some have higher flexibility than others. When choosing these solutions, carefully check your needs and determine the flexibility and control you want for the business.
  • The IT architecture in your organisation: The kind of LIMS you get is dependent on the IT infrastructure in your medical business. If you have an established IT infrastructure and resources, you will stand a better chance of getting the best solution.
  • Your budget: How much money are you willing to spend on the LIMS? These systems come at a cost. You will find that the cost depends on the features, the developer, and the extra charges. Sometimes the providers will require that you pay for the LIMS licenses, standard functionality, additional cost of modules, customisation, and annuity maintenance.
  • Scalability: Every businessperson starts their enterprise to grow it over the years. When purchasing the LIMS system, you should check how scalable the system. It saves you a lot of time and money when you want to upgrade your business.
  • Available support: When selecting LIMS software, you need to find a provider with 24/7 customer support. Since it is an online system, you will need help from time to time. Your selected system should offer various communication channels in your time of need.
  • Security: The fact that this is an online system means that it is susceptible to security threats. You need to find a system that has excellent security measures for its clients.

The Benefits of Using LIMS System at Your Medical Lab

Finding a great LIMS positively impacts your business. Besides saving your business time and money, you also enjoy the convenience that comes with a perfectly working LIMS. Here is a quick peek at the benefits of using the LIMS system at your laboratory.

  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Enhanced data storage for monitoring and auditing
  • The business gets an excellent interface that conveniently works well with any database and other software
  • You get constant updates and notifications promptly
  • Enhanced security
  • Easier tracking and monitoring

The Most Important Features of a Good Medical LIMS

While there are many LIMS in the market, a few features will stand out in all of them. Here are some features that you should be on the lookout for.

  • The system should be easy to configure with all your existing systems
  • It should be compatible with the clients’ requirements and laboratory needs
  • It should have easy tracking from the lifestyle, accessioning, storage to the permanent disposal of the samples
  • It should offer you that comfortable and user-friendly interface with accessible modules
  • It should foster great integration between all the instruments of the laboratory or facility
  • It should have high-quality customer support

Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras for Temperature Monitoring

Thermal imaging cameras are camera types that are used to convert heat (thermal energy) to colour (visible light) to analyse a particular scene or object. The name given to the image produced by a thermal imaging camera is thermogram, while the process of analysing the image is called thermography.

Most industries use thermal imaging cameras to monitor temperatures and object movements.

Infrared cameras are another tool used to detect heat. It can survey some electrical equipment like high voltage, clamp and faults in various conducting joints and corrosion effects.

The working principle of industrial thermal imaging cameras is based on the fact that all objects radiate heat energy out of their surface. Industrial thermal cameras use a microbolometer which is a device used to detect thermal energy in things. The detecting device comprises sets of pixels made of different materials, mainly vanadium oxide and amorphous silicon.

The material used in the industrial thermal imaging camera will change its electrical resistance when it is heated by the thermal energy radiated by the objects. The electric resistance can then be calculated, measured and converted to an easy to read temperature value. For each temperature value you see on display, a thermogram is developed by allocating shades or colours.

What to consider when buying the best industrial thermal imaging cameras?

Several components are available that can change the quality and price of an industrial thermal camera. The most and main important factor you should consider when buying a thermal camera for your industrial monitoring include:

  • Thermal sensitivity
  • Detection resolution

Detection resolution involves the number of pixels present in the microbolometer array. For most industrial thermal imaging camera detectors, 640ꓫ480, 320ꓫ240, and 160ꓫ120 pixel are the available resolutions.

The first set of numbers on the resolution pixel represents the number of horizontal pixels, while the second part translates to the vertical pixel in an array. For example, a 320ꓫ240 cameral detector produces screen images containing 76800 pixels.

Each pixel has a different temperature associated with them. The higher the resolution, the more visible and clearer the images are on display.

Thermal sensitivity is the ability of the camera to detect the slightest temperature difference. For example, an industrial camera can differentiate two different surfaces using a degree temperature difference of five-hundredths if it has a sensitivity of 0.05⁰C.

The size of the surveying area will determine the resolution required.

Features present in the industrial thermal imaging cameras

The most important component found in thermal cameras is a memory card which can transfer captured images via USB interface into the PC. All the imaging cameras contain software that allows image analysation to create final words for industrial safety.

Like other electronic devices, thermal cameras contain a device that makes one imager more suitable and attractive than others based on a particular user.

Different manufacturers offer different style and design of industrial thermal imaging cameras to suit different market needs. We offer the best and high-quality FLIR thermal cameral for monitoring your industrial activities for safety and inspection failures.

It is essential to own your industrial thermal imaging cameras since they hold crucial information that you can use in future for costly repair reduction and inspection failures.

Reasons why thermal imaging cameras work better at night

Ambient temperature plays an important role is the best performance of thermal cameras at night. The environment’s core temperature and unheated objects are significantly low at night compared to a sunny day.

Thermal imaging sensors can display warm surfaces very well at high contrast. The unique lens in thermal cameras helps it to focus infrared energy produced by an object onto a thermal detector which is heat sensitive.

Thermal cameras are unaffected by light; hence they work in daylight using similar strength as in total darkness.

Unfortunately, industrial thermal imaging cameras cannot see through walls since the walls are thick and insulated enough to prevent infrared radiation penetration.

Type of thermal imaging cameras

There are three main types of thermal cameras: long wavelength, mid-wavelength and short wavelength. Each thermal imaging camera type has a role to play in industrial monitoring and maintenance based on the operation and use.

The ability to see objects in the dark makes heat imaging cameras different, meaningful, and more advanced than regular cameras. Always head to a reputable dealer like Process Parameters or Fluke.


Best Fuel Test Kits

A fuel test kit is simple and easy to use. They are used to detect suspended and separated free water in fuels such as car gasoline, aviation fuel, jet fuel, diesel fuel, biofuels, kerosene, and more.

If, for example, petrol is stretched with kerosene, it will show. The best fuel test kits can also be used to detect microbial growth in fuel, which, if present, negatively impacts machinery performance.

Contaminated fuel may cause the engine to have poor performance, lack power, cause backfiring, and be harder to start than usual.

This is because the contaminants interrupt the process of internal combustion, which produces the necessary power needed for your car to run efficiently.

The Effects of Fuel Contamination

Every once in a while, you may notice a deterioration in your car’s performance. It could have trouble starting or accelerating, an indication of fuel contamination. While it may be impossible to eliminate contamination completely, you can reduce the levels of contamination and curb their impact.

The quality of fuel determines the power generated by internal combustion. When compromised, your car engine will stop running abruptly. Another effect is the lack of response when you step on the gas pedal. It will fail to accelerate.

This effect is more noticeable when driving at higher speeds. The engine will either be slow to pick or become totally unresponsive. Also, you may notice sudden slowing down or acceleration even without stepping on the gas pedal.

This is a cause for alarm and needs to be given immediate attention to alleviate future more damaging issues.

Old Petrol pump at a garage that recommends testing your fuel for contamination with fuel testing kits.

Types of Fuel Tests

Diesel fuel is used in a range of machinery like engines and generators. Several tests can be done to determine fuel quality and possible contamination. Here are a few as detailed by

How to Test for Water in Diesel Fuel

Using a W-5 Test Kit, you’ll be able to detect the presence of suspended water in diesel fuels. By adding a fuel sample into the test tube, you’ll be able to identify the presence of water contamination if the test shows a pink colour.

How to Test Diesel Fuel for Algae

Using a DS-1 Test Kit, you can test for algae’s presence in your fuel by dipping the test kit into the fuel sample. The test is designed to detect bacteria on one side and mould on the other. If there is any sort of reaction in the results, usually spots, that proves the presence of microbial contamination.

How to Test for Gas in Diesel Fuel

Diesel engines may run on a range of fuel types except for gasoline. Small amounts of gasoline present in diesel fuel may not be disastrous. However, large amounts will cause substantial damage to a diesel engine. Here is a simple DIY testing method that you can use at home.

If you leave your diesel fuel test samples covered up for some time, the gasoline tends to evaporate to the top. You can then flash a flame point above the uncovered sample. If the flame lights up, there are definitely traces of gasoline in your diesel.

Before you do this, ensure you are wearing protective gear, gloves, and protective glasses just in case something goes out of hand.

Gasoline Tests

There are various gasoline tests that you can perform to determine the quality of your fuel. Random testing checks your fuel for water content as well as other contaminants. Tester gauge kits vary in range and are either specific to the test you are performing or can check for a combination of issues.

Fuel testing kits range from fuel test strips, gasoline test strips, fuel oil test kits, and combo test kits. These are all available from companies like Conidia who are very well versed with these tests, and offer a wide range including diesel fuel contamination testing kits.

Fuel Purity Test

It is advisable to test the quality of weekly fuel samples if you have a fleet of vehicles. Frequent random testing enhances the overall length of perfect performance for all your machinery.

How Do You Test Fuel for Ethanol Content?

Aviation jet fuel must be ethanol-free. This is because ethanol absorbs significant amounts of water in flight. It may vent off at altitude, thus reducing both range and octane. It can damage the rubber and aluminium components of the aircraft’s fuel system.

Use a test tube bottle with a stopper, draw a permanent line on the test tube, and fill water to this point, filling the rest of the test tube with gasoline. Shake your sample and let it sit until the water and gas separate into two layers. If the water layer rests higher up than before you added gasoline (above the marked line), then your gasoline contains ethanol.

Can I Get Someone Else to Do It?

Yes, definitely. Using a gasoline analysis laboratory to perform your fuel test gives you access to experienced chemists who will use international fuel testing methods as per ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) SKU specifications.

In Summary

Even though there’s a wide range of fuel quality tests available, premium test kits are best sourced from and

Suppose you are looking to enhance the performance of your equipment through detection and elimination of microbes.

In that case, these tests will give you the best analysis and ensure you only use quality products in your equipment. Conducting fuel pressure tests from time to time using a pump test manometer will also improve your machinery’s overall performance and reduce the total price spent on fixing issues due to enhanced maintenance.


British government is bound to hurt the economy

A report was published on Wednesday that heightened the economic implications of Brexit on various segments in the British economy. This report assessed an array of possible outcomes from the Brexit plan. Consequently, the main Bank in Britain published its own assessment of Brexit.

All assessments indicated a negative outcome of the Brexit plan. They show that the UK would fall into a far worse economic situation if it were to leave the European Union. Although no quantifiable impact has been placed on the deal between Theresa May, the Prime Minister and the European Union, preliminary studies show that even in the most optimistic situations, the United Kingdom stands disadvantaged compared to nations left in this bloc.

The UK Treasury Chief, Phillip Hammond told BBC confirmed that the economy will be a bit smaller, but doing the deal as the Prime Minister had suggested and negotiated, the outcome will be more manageable.

Despite Mr. Hammonds statement, official estimates show adverse economic effects on Brexit; Under any circumstance, Britain’s decision to exit the EU (European Union) would leave it poorer. Hammond continues to comment that, according to principles of economics, staying in a single market gives a country some economic advantage. This means that Brexit will shed off some economic advantage.

The Bank’s assessment points out that, Prime Minister May’s plans could raise trade barriers between the UK and the nation remaining in the European Union. This is set to hurt Britain’s economy. With only 4 months left until the deal is signed, we cannot ascertain if Prime Minister May will provide a sober exit from the European Union.

The final deal is predicted to give businesses some certainty in the coming two years. However, Prime Minister May still needs to seek approval from an adamant parliament. Consequently, a less tight agreement is still needed to manage the relationship between the UK and nations left in EU.

A group championing for another referendum on the Brexit decision has commissioned an analysis report that shows that the UK economy will be 4% worse off by 2030. On Monday, the NIESR (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) pointed out that additional trade barriers by the UK would hamper trade by discouraging investments.

In the event that May’s plans fail, alternative plans include exiting the EU minus a deal or another referendum or general elections in Britain. The most significant decision is to ensure trade consistently flows as stated by Hammond on Sky News.

Futuristic analyses indicate that May’s plan allows for a transition period in which most trade rules and guidelines will still be the same for many companies. This would also infer a close relationship between the European Union and the UK in terms of financial services, transport, and energy.

Estimates by the government are based on the assumption that during the transition period, Britain is free to sign trade agreements with other developed economies like the United States. However, this is not guaranteed. Economists forecast that the worst possible exit might be a messy exit that would drive UK’s economy into recession.

The government also points out that leaving the EU minus a deal could decrease UK’s economy by 7.7% in 15 years to come. This outcome is based on the assumption that there are no changes in trading arrangements and immigration. If these two factors change, the effects could be much worse.

The British Industries in unison highlights the government’s assertion that leaving the EU without a desired deal will be a bad outcome. This goes ahead to put off insane ideas that a crashing exit would do uncontrollable harm to UK’s economy.


Management System Audit

For a long time, a great many people trusted that review is just connected with issues identified with cash. While it might be valid on a fundamental level, in any case, we will widen the idea of review by taking a similar guideline in an alternate application – quality framework review.

Auditing is a method for social occasion proof about consistency with specific prerequisites. These prerequisites can be in any way similar to pertinent systems, measures or understandings where an association buys in. Nonetheless, these necessities may likewise include laws and controls including prerequisites of other outside gatherings, who may have business relations and enthusiasm to the association. In this way, as a gathering who has enthusiasm for the association, they have to guarantee that each part of the association’s procedures fit in with its quality administration framework. What’s more, dealing with the arrangement of value is in this manner one of the association’s organizations.

Inward Quality Management System Audit

Each association must guarantee that their quality administration framework is executed all through that is the reason the need to guarantee such is by methods for a quality administration framework review. Reviews are completed by auditors chose inside the association (inner review) however who are autonomous of the territory or capacity being examined. Nonetheless, reviews are restricted to inside as well as be done remotely.

Three Types of Audit:

  • 1. First Party Audit
  • 2. Second Party Audit
  • 3. Outsider Audit

First Party Audit is a review led by the auditors chose inside the association (inward review) however who are free of the region or capacity being examined. The Second Party Audit is completed by outer gatherings who have business relations enthusiasm with the association ordinarily, a client. Outsider Audit is done by offices autonomous of both association and client. This Third Party Audit can decrease or totally dispense with the requirement for a Second Party Audit (whenever picked up confirmation).

There are methods for leading a review. This is either by Vertical Approach or Horizontal. A vertical review is one methodology of review where one office or capacity is inspected against all components of guidelines or technique. A flat review is another review approach, where all divisions are inspected against one component of the standard or technique.

Inward Quality Audit Structure

A commonplace Internal Quality Audit Structure (as required by ISO 9001) is made out of:

  • 1 Management Representative
  • 2 Internal Quality IT network audit
  • 3 Management Review Body
  • The structure needs the help of restorative activity framework with the end goal to be compelling.

Administration Representative

The Management Representative (otherwise called MR), is named by the association’s best administration with the obligation of the everyday running of the quality administration framework. The MR is likewise in charge of choosing, preparing and overseeing auditors, booking and checking inside reviews. He is the connection between the working quality framework and the organization administration through administration audit work. The MR Bring to the consideration of the administration repeating issues and those constant issues or those can’t be managed at any level and may hold other, however not clashing jobs.

Audit Cycle


As much as would be prudent, auditors must be chosen from the capacity secured by the quality administration framework. This is to keep up a certain level of auditor’s advantage and responsibility for auditing process. The auditor must be free of the capacity evaluated to stay away from one-sided judgment.

What is the base number of IT network audit that an association must have?

The Review Body is made out of Top Management, Management Representative and head of different divisions. The Body has an obligation to examine inner review results amid administration survey. They should likewise survey routinely the execution and proceeding with the importance of the quality administration framework. Without audit at this level, quality framework ends up insignificant to the business, unbendable and bureaucratic.


The industrial revolution – green tech

The industrial revolution has transformed people’s patterns of work, lifestyles and living standards to a whole new level by shaping the basic way of life of societies. Although industrialization led to stronger economies, it also changed people’s lives. It was the basis of many drastic changes. The process of urbanization is a critical element to explore. People left the country to move to the city to work because more jobs were available in the cities as factories grew. The family structure also had significant changes. People would move more often. Women and children would also work and cause problems at home.

The industrialization also caused great health concerns. Safety was the problem of noise, pollution, dangerous machinery and unreasonable bosses. The idea of job alienation changed traditional work tools. Hard work, nature and pride did not exist anymore as thoughtless robotic work gained the upper hand. Workers were wage slaves who were paid very poorly for long hours. The days with the seasons that dictated working hours were over. Industrialization was a new era of time that changed society so much that a culture of change was pressing for the individual.

However, the fourth industrial revolution will have a big impact on the business world. Development and prosperity rest on four platforms: customer expectations, product improvements, collaborative innovations and organizational forms with help of global IT providers. Customers will be the epicenter of the business. The increasing digital transparency in the business world will lead to a big change in the world of customer experiences, data-driven services, and asset performance. The rise of new global niches and business models will definitely require a revision and replacement of existing talents, culture, and organizational forms. Business leaders need to understand their changing environment, challenge the assumptions of their operational teams, and tirelessly and continuously innovate to be in the changing league.

The recent development in blockchain has encouraged the people and organizations that are related to various financial activities, directly or indirectly. You should also feel the pleasure by the recent report of World Economic Forum that claims that 10 percent of the world’s GDP would be stored on various block chains or the blockchain technology. This claim is not a joke, and that is why everyone involved in such a business must consider this claim seriously. However, people all around the world are still not fully aware of the terms, and they still require some idea as to what this technology does.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have become one of the most popular vehicles that people are buying nowadays. It is just perfectly a good substitute of a cycle, auto-rickshaw or any kind of automotive food – chain. EVs are not only become popular in urban areas but it has also gained the same importance in the rural areas. EVs on each passing days are grabbing more attention not only the buyers but also the manufacturers are introducing new functions which can be associated with the EVs for better performance. It’s not only about the battery operated cars but also battery operated rickshaw is much hype. The reason is simply that not only it is a cost-effective business for the manufacturers but also it is eco- friendly.

The concept behind the smart home is that an automation system is capable of operating systems around the house. The variety of possible options is considerable and includes environmental systems (lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc.), entertainment systems, individual appliances and home security systems. If you want to have a truly energy-efficient home in the 21st century, you should at least think about making it a smart home. An intelligent home uses advanced technology to monitor and reduce energy consumption at home. Although there are some people who purposely build smart homes, the majority of Americans still do not make that investment. Nonetheless, even the average American begins to implement smart energy-saving technology, and eventually, the whole house will take over and become a way of life. In other words, smart homes are gradually sneaking in on the average homeowner.


Solar panel


Cleantech is a generic term for a group of emerging

found in various industries such as energy, water, manufacturing, advanced materials, and transportation. The most common example of cleantech would be the use of solar energy, water filtration, industrial process control and hybrid electric vehicles. Cleantech is also a second-generation improvement over the green technologies, as it not only protects the environment but is also cost-effective, driven by the market and attracts venture capital funds. The commercial point of view is an integral part of this benign technology, which is a sure factor in its growth.