Leisure centre plans in Egham

A swimming pool is to be constructed at the Egham Leisure Centre as well as a health spa. This could be happening soon if the Runnymede Borough Council signs an agreement needed for the project to come to life. This is a regeneration project that will be located at the site of the current building. This project is being planned by the Council and the experienced Places for People. The current Leisure Centre will remain open until the new one is fully constructed.

This project is expected to transform the town centre in Egham. The Council is currently carrying out keen consultations about town centre developments. It is only through consultations that the first phase of the project will be set out. The project has received a lot of support from different people. For instance the Group director of the Place-making and Regenerations at Places for People, Mary Parsons, said that this is a great example of how capital investments can be made by the Council with an aim to improve the facilities of the people in the town as well as create a profitable investment.

<p>Places for People is the right partner for the council to work with because they bring years of experience in the designing and making of mixed tenure and missed use developments. The Chief Executive of the Runnymede Borough Council Mr. Paul Turrell said that Places for People is experienced in both national and local projects having worked with other Surrey boroughs and he is glad that they will be working on this project. This company is one of the UK’s largest development and regenerations as well as property and leisure management companies. It is a not-for-dividend company and therefore is the perfect partner for a public project.

Also to be involved in the project is the company currently running the Leisure Centre, Achieve Lifestyle. A programme has been created which will ensure that the current centre they manage will remain operational till the new one is completed. In the new centre there will be many state of the art facilities including a swimming pool.